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    Meeblings 2
    Meeblings 2 is a fun game and is the second part of the Lemmings inspired physics based puzzler. Your aim is to rescue all of the meeblings by activating their special-powers. Each meebling named as hereling, thereling, sizzling, gravling, zapling, treebling, homeling, chameebling and feebling have unique powers to be used to activate other meeblings. Each meebling has different effect on the orange meeblings. Use mouse with left click and hold a meebling to activate it. Using their special abilities like inverting gravity (gravling), growing into a tree (treebling) and much more, you need to move the meeblings to the goal. There are totally 50 fun filled levels to explore. As the game progresses, the difficulty level of the game also increases. Apart from fun, you should use your brain to get the meeblings to the way out or exit sign. Meeblings 2 game is totally mouse controlled which makes it much easier to play.

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    Meeblings 2
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