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    Torvi Cube T
    Torvi Cube T is brick oriented, puzzle game. The most inspiring fact is that the game is created in 3D, so that must give some extra boost on the overall impression while the game is played! Concerning the goal of the game, it's about bricks and they are to be placed into their right spot. Everyone knows the concept of the well known game, Tetris, so this has something common with what was that game about, but here we have this game that gives a lot more to enjoy from many aspects. To move the brick, you need to click and then drag it to your wanted direction. And that is to be done with the mouse. Also, to rotate the piece, you need to use "y" and "z" buttons from your keyboard. So, start solving problems through the levels one after another and let's see how far can you get in this intelligent, puzzle game!

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    Torvi Cube T
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