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    A Maze-n Math
    Your purpose will be to move red piece by means of the maze and use it to get rid of all of numbers. Every single time you move the red onto a number it'll absorb it in one particular manner. If red is zero it will gather thee value. Red will clear if its worth matches the quantity. If red is larger it will enhance by the worth with the number. If red is smaller it's going to adjust for the difference in between the quantity and its value. If you want to open a blue door red must have at the least the $ value displayed and its worth then lower by he $ amount. When red moves onto a yellow bonus piece its worth will modify depending on the mathematical shown. To enter a grey passage that displays the = symbol, the red worth ought to confirm to the required condition to pass through. Red must in no way exceed 99 or the level will restart.

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    A Maze-n Math
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